Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pile up

Have you ever had a day when your desk was a mess, you have a stack or work looking at you, you remembered that there is something important due in two days, you have a meeting with your boss in 20 minutes, your direct reports keep nagging you about their work you assigned them, and you have to pee?

Yet, despite it all you eat chips and check facebook.

Monday, April 23, 2012


I didn't realize how salty my sailor mouth was until I surrounded myself with underage folks and statues of sad face jesus' (jesuses, jesui, saviors o' plenty?). Ahhh Catholic School... I'm pretty good at controlling my vulgar in normal day to day talk, being an overachieving only child I was skilled in the language switcheroo. The main problem is when I bang my head/foot or drop something. This would be fine if I muttered a mild mannered "crap" or "damn" no... I go full on "MOTHER F**KER". I picked up this lovely verbiage from my father, my mom still whispers the word damn and will occasionally thrown in a "h-e-double hockey sticks" for good measure.

Nothing like having this staring at you when you drop a MF Bomb:

I'm so sorry Sad Face Jesus.