Thursday, December 8, 2011

day dreaming and I'm thinking of you

I have some incredibly creative friends.

No, seriously. They are fucking creative. Like painting/drawing/acting/musical/vocal/sewing/knitting/crocheting creative. Many of them perform on the regular and get compensation for their crafts.

You understand now? I'm friends with artists which is pretty amazing. Even my boyfriend, who wouldn't classify himself as an artist per se, can build a computer out of thin air. Can you do that? I for hell can't.

So what am I getting at... well, I'm proud. Very proud, and feel that I am in a very unique circumstance of surrounding myself with people who are doing quality things for themselves. I just wish I could emulate this creativity. Now that I'm settled in my job, I feel more comfortable sneaking in a little bloggie-bloggie every now and again. So hopefully this will stir the juices. I'm crocheting again... which is nice. I think it just takes practice and major dedication to make sure your craft is fulfilled. Also, to be inspired by the ones that surround me instead of jealous. Jealousy does nothing but create wrinkles.

As much as I like being a librarian, I do have a dream... that one day I'll be interviewed by some one famous (like oprah or conan) and one of the wacky facts about me will be that I was once a high school librarian.

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