Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nnekay vs. The SpaceCookie

Being that I named this bloggy-blog 'SpeechCookie' I thought it would be appropriate to start my new challenge theme with a cookie related task. Thanks to Dan S. who gave me the most excellente challenge of:

Baked Goods shaped like your favorite science fiction/fantasy characters.

I saw that 'ish and I was like 'HELL YEA MO-FO, I GOT THIS'- so I got busy researching how to make cookie cutters and sugar cookie recipes. I wrote all the info down on neat little pieces of paper with those tiny golf pencils the library seems to only have, and considered myself golden with the task at hand.

As soon as my little digital computer clock ticked 5pm- I got the hell out of work and zoomed to the grocery store, where I discovered I left all my notes and instructions... so I kinda winged it. When I wing it I end up buying things like this:

So I can do stuff like this:

Anydoodle, To make the cookie cutters I bought a regular aluminum pan, and cut strips from it:

I'm so hip, that I used a flyer from the Ace Hotel to measure my strips... rulers are for lames. After almost cutting myself about 3o times with these hell strips, I shaped them into blobs.

Look, I can line all my crap up like a bougie cooking blog too:

I took all this crap and turned it into this giant turd looking thing, which I dumped in the fridge for 20 mins, 'cause Martha Stewart told me too. When it was time to roll it out so I realized I don't have a rolling pin- but I do have a giant empty beer bottle:

Which worked just fine.

So I cut out the cookies using my incredibly dangerously sharp cookie cutters. Slapped them in the oven for 12 mins, and eventually these cookie blobs came out:

Can you tell what they are yet? Elf shoes and Pac Man ghost?


With a little creative frosting I ended up with... drum roll please...

R2D2!!!! (if you squint)


Jabba the Hut!!! The bottom one is an experiment in arms after I realized the others looked like they had droopy boobs.

So there you have it, my first foray into doing things that you guys make up. I'm gonna try to keep this going cause it was super fun. I'm always open for more suggestions! Keep em coming in the comments!!!!!

In the mean time look how sad this cookie is.