Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What do you want me to do?

Omg what's wrong with me?!

I tried to keep up a good pace with this thingy-thang and you know what I got? A heaping pile of procrastination slammed directly into my noggin. Trying to write is haaaaaaaaaaard. I feel like I'm an adequate scribe, but I have nothing really that interesting to write about. Sure there's fiction, but that's for the semi off kilter. I mean they create this giant complex world filled with imaginary people who seem real. The better and nuanced the book is, the freakier the author. I'm being dead serious. If someone ever gives you a book of theirs to read and it's crappy fiction, be happy you don't have a nut job for a friend. That being said, I'm only sorta crazy... I guess you can call me lazy crazy. I get all freaky and into my imaginary worlds, but then one day the normal sets in and I'm like..."what the hell is this? I'm gonna watch some tv and drink a beer."

So that being decided, I tend to stick to the self indulgent essays of the memoir variety- buuut I haven't had anything truly interesting or heartbreaking happen to me (thank god). I've never had to saw my hand off from a boulder, no cancer (once again thank god- sheesh), and I'm no major celebrity. I could do something that would warrant some interesting chronicles. Like that damn woman who cooked recipes from the Julia Child's book. Her dumb ass got a boring movie. I was thinking I could run a marathon- which could be interesting from a lazy person's point of view. I was thinking I could also just ask a bunch of people to tell me things to do, and I can chronicle me (a lazy person) trying to do them. Yes. That is what I will do.

What do you guys want me to attempt? I'll try my best, and take pictures of it... as long as I don't have to show my boobies, don't be gross ya'll.

Post in the comments!


  1. -Stay awake for 48 hours.
    -Put sriracha hot sauce on everything you eat for one day.
    -Take an appliance apart and put it back together again, so that it still works.
    -Leave your house at sun-up and start walking, have someone pick you up and bring you back home at sundown. No cellphone usage (until the end of course, when you call your ride), computers, maps, plans. no stopping anywhere for more than 15 minutes.

  2. Since you'll be going to New Orleans soon...
    - Dance to zydeco in the street
    - Have a beignet for breakfast, a po boy for lunch and a Pim's cup at dinner
    - Eat gator
    - Go to shop specializing in voodoo

  3. Oh, and just because you are a librarian:
    - Read one piece of popular fiction you swore you would never read.

  4. I want you to run a marathon! And go to hip hop dance class with me! Do a flash mob ( you can join up with bay area flash mob ). Go sky diving! Steal a baby and raise it as your own!

  5. -Learn or make up a new dance move everyday for a week. (With documenting photos/videos of course.)
    -Create your own soap opera with characters from your life. (What could be more fun than transforming your friends into flamboyant overly dramatic soap characters!)

  6. Learn to either Spin or Blow Fire.

    -Travis Honegger