Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Money Hump

It's a very special day in my life...

Pay Day.

We blame just about everything on our failing economy of late:

Those shoes are out of style. Well in this economy we can't just spend money on new trends.

This burger taste like butt. Well in this economy we can't be picky about burger meats.

My neighbor is a naggy wench. Well in this economy it's easy to find complaints in everything.

Finally, I actually have a legit reason to complain about this economy: I'm broke.

Super ridiculously, out of control eating beans and rice broke. Yet, I just got my first full time salary paying benefited job. Now how does that make sense?!

Catch up... that's where I'm at. So on this fabulous Wednesday afternoon, I'm going to focus on getting over my beans and rice broke-ness. I'm going to set a budget and work towards a goal! This economy can screw itself, but it wont screw me!!!

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