Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Pin of Bobbie.

If I were a fairy... and not that goobery "Faerie" weirdness, they can go back to ye old England with "shoppe" and "towne"... I would be a bobbie pin fairy.

How do I go from having a huge stockpile of them in a neat little black shiny haystack on my desk, to having one misshapen jackwad that can't hold a strand for it's life?!

Well, because I distribute them like fairy dust, well more like that hobo Johnny Appleseed, because the pin of bobbie ain't magic. For some reason, grabbing a handful and shoving them in my pockets is comforting... 'cause you know, if I have a renegade hair I wanna CATCH IT. Pretty much everything that I own with some sort of nook or cranny is filled with a bobbie pin. Pants, Jackets, Purses, even things without pockets gets the bobbie treatment- clipped on to hems. Yet, I never use these pocket treasures, because my hair is already brimming with them. Each morning is like a test to see how many bobbies I can pin to my head.

So like Mr. Appleseed, or even more so like a bee in deep pollination ecstasy... I unwittingly distribute said pins. I sit down, a pin will tumble out, I shake my head, bobbies will bound about, I literally leave a trail of pins where ever I go. The shower, the floor, my boyfriend's bed. Recently, I noticed one clipped to the sleeve of his shirt. When I questioned him, he said nonchalantly, "oh yea... you put that there..."

It was at this point I realized I might have taken things a tad too far.

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