Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I live in Alameda, a semi Twin Peak-ish type of community in the San Francisco bay area.

Yes, we are a man made island.

Yes, people drive around in old time- y cars.

Yes, we have something called "Christmas Tree Lane" every holiday season... and when it was vandalized, Santa was interviewed on the local new station,

"They will get coal for Christmas"

Anywho- To make my town of upbringing-ness even more weird there has been an out break of raccoon attacks.

Yes, raccoons attacking people.

Across the bridge in neighboring cities such as Oakland, SF, and Berkeley (well maybe not stupid berkeley... the annoying bougie cousin of the bay) are dealing with legitimate problems... while in Alameda? We're scared of Davey Crockett's hat. Don't get me wrong... raccoons are some freaky mother fuckers, but the whole situation is so... insane.

Now they're entering houses.

Sigh... can my town-ish, city type thing get any weirder?


  1. hide yo kids, hide you wife, hide ya kids, hide ya wife...

    and hid yo husbands,

    cause they attackin everybody up in here!

  2. I'm creeped out by the raccoons. really am. I am nervous they're going to get on our roof and climb in Cooper's soom, since there are a lot of trees at then of our court.

    And Bucko doesn't stand a chance against a Raccoon.