Tuesday, January 11, 2011


As most of my nine readers and my mom know... I'm a librarian. Since this is a new blog I figure I might as well explain some of the aspects of my chosen profession.

Things I do/ have done as a professional book slinger:

Buy books
Talk to Bums
Throw out books
Answer mildly amusing questions
Answer mildly annoying questions
Kick people off internet porn
Stop teens from making out... then laugh at them
Stop grown ups from having sex... then feel dirty after
Teach people how to use a computer
Teach students how to research
Dance in the book stacks
Catalog books
Worn a bun
Be awesome

Things I have not done as a professional book slinger:

Dress sexy on purpose
Shake loose a bun at the end of a day
Bust my shirt open with a heaving bosom
Happily shush people
Worn orthopedic shoes
Read books on the job
Organize my own personal book shelf
Have sex in the book stacks (or anywhere else in the library... sheesh...gross)

Librarian do not, I repeat, do not look like this:

Sorry... but you're more likely to catch one of us wearing this:

Some of us wear this as some weird form of fashionable irony... but the majority don't...

There are several other "sexy" professions out there (fireman, nurse, etc.), but for some reason the librarian stereotype happily has one foot in Sex pot and the other steadily placed in Frump Face.

At least my career of choice is a fashion trend... even if the majority of us look like this.

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