Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rom Com Bomb

I've spotted a new movie trend in the Rom Com category of film (please say with a British accent for full snobbery effect).

Chicks Lookn' for Dick

Yea... crude, but it's true.. It seems like every time I turn around there's some movie were the chick is like, "hey I want some dick, but your sorry ass ain't getting a relationship." And the dude is all, "whatever." But in reality, he's longing for her sweet tender heart (complete with nougaty center). Let's not forget the guy friend who is all, "Schwing! Ooouga!Boooing!" and the girl friend who is all, "OMG!" while they walk fast somewhere holding coffee.

Even the press junket is the same: Lead Actress and Lead Actor talk about being nudie together for soooo many hours of shooting... isn't it sexy... isn't it silly... omg see the movie!

Evidence #1

Name: Love, and Other Drugs


Press: Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy. Anne Hathaway is sexy. Everything about Love and Other Drugs‘ numerous trailers is sexy, and, aarrrrrghhh, I so am not. Fox 2000′s quest to make us all feel genetically inferior continues today with its release of a new red-brand trailer for the Nov. 24 romantic dramedy — directed by Edward Zwick — about a Viagra salesman-slash-ladies’ man (Gyllenhaal) who falls for the one woman not quick to fall for him (Hathaway).
oh yea... and this

This was one of the first in the sting of I'm a chick, and I'm lookn' for dick series and these fools were naked all the damn time, I'm surprised they didn't do the live press junket with their junk out (ha ha ha groan).

Evidence #2

Name: No Strings Attached



Maybe they should call it 'No Clothes Attached.'

After a more or less innocuous, public audience trailer advertising what seemed like a run of the mill romantic comedy, Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman go risque in the new red band trailer for their new film, 'No Strings Attached.'

Portman and Kutcher play best friends that begin to sleep with each other... to predictable, yet potentially surprisingly funny results. One thing's for sure: those results are racy.

This one seems like a hobo version of the previous, and they can't get too sex'd up during the press junket due to Natalie Portman's knocked up ass. Portman usually classes up a picture, but let's face it, whenever I see Kutcher I expect him to yell, "PUNK'D!!!!" giggle, then fall off a chair... he's 32 by the way.

Name: Friends With Benefits


Press: I don't even feel like finding press for this one because it's obviously the trash bag of the bunch.

So what does this all mean?!??! Should I be happy that they are giving women a less subserviant role in a romantic comedy. Should I be pissed that all three leading ladies are doe eye'd brunettes, and that minorities are still squashed to the sideline (hellllooo, Mindy Kaling and Ludacris are way cooler than Portman and Kutcher).

And can someone please tell Justin Timberlake to make some music and dance sexy instead of this acting business...

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