Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Sadako

I wish I could make 1000 paper cranes for Japan.

Like that book which made us cry at a weirdly young age to be reading about touching thought provoking stuff.

Even though I have incredibly nimble lightening fast fingers, I doubt my 1000 paper cranes wish, could repair all the damage or soak up all the toxic insanity that is going on overseas.

I'm going to keep sending positive thoughts to the people who are suffering.

I'm going to ignore all the ridiculous sensationalized stories, meant to drum up fear.

I'm also going to donate... not a lot, because I don't have the means, but just like the story with Sadako, in order to reach 1000 paper cranes you have to start with one tiny little bit of folded paper.


The Red Cross


Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give a $10 donation.


  1. Beware:
    All too often,
    We say
    What we hear others say.
    We think
    What we are told that we think.
    We see
    What we are permitted to see.
    We see what we are told that we see.
    Repetition and pride are the keys to this.
    To hear and to see
    Even an obvious lie
    And again and again
    May be to say it,
    Almost by reflex
    Then to defend it
    Because we have said it
    And at last to embrace it
    Because we've defended it.