Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Push Me in the Right Direction, Plz.

Okay I'm gonna add some structure to this 'ish.

Lately, I've been involved with an inner struggle of sorts. Kinda goes like this:

Write more!
About what?
I dunno...

So I figure the only way to get myself reeeally going with the new blog thingy is to have a structure. My old blog didn't have structure, but I was able to keep up the rambles for a good ole time. Now that I'm older, and more jaded with stuff, I no longer feel the urge to write about weirdness and kookiness with the world. Instead I just shrug and say, "Welp, that's dumb" and move on.

So to curb this new sense of jade with the world, I will write about certain things on certain days. To kinda jump start the ramble again. A piece of me is screaming: Le snooze, but the other piece is saying Nah... it will be good. Let's hope this works.


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