Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vivienne Westwood for the Win

First of all, this lady is fucking awesome. She's been in the game since the 70s when she was doing it with Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren. Since then, she's continued to grow into a fashion giant influencing people like Gwen Stefani and her wannabe punk-high fashion ass.

Plus in a notoriously white image based industry she's be incredibly vocal about using all races,

"Naomi Campbell is the most beautiful girl, but how many covers has she had on the big magazines? Not many. It is racist."

Not many people will acknowledge this, and that fact that she does and tends to ALWAYS have a diverse set of models will always warm my heart.

Why she frumped up her models to look like Public Library hobos in her latest Fall 2011 Ready To Wear show is beyond me... but here are my highlights:

I think I gave this woman a dollar when I was a student at UC Santa Cruz, then it turned out she was in my 1960s Feminist Class.The center hooded knit dress in the middle of this mess is my jam. I would wear that right now if it didn't cost 30 gabillion dollars. Also blue tights and tan... I kinda heart that combination.

This woman looks like she just finished beating up my friend and now she's coming for me... but first I must admire her mis-buttoned blue cardigan. OMG I'm in love with this shiz. I currently have a blue plaid shirt dying to be worn with it. Colored cardigans with matching plaid shirts for the win. Jacked up model face for the loose.


To check out more of her wackiness and lovely diverse modelrinas go:


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  1. YSL was the first designer to use a black woman in his runway show <3 <3 <3 Did you catch her show at the deYoung? LOVED it!