Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Can't Think of A Title For This Post

I don't understand the whole phenomena of calling your dude friend who happens to enjoy relationships with other men one of your "gays". Why am I'm one of the few who get irked by this... or at least vocally irked. Yeeeaaah, people say it's used in a silly, whatever way- and maybe I'm being a PC tight ass, but it sure does sound like extreme marginalization, with a light dash of creepy ownership.

Even huge LGBT activists have been know to use this term (Kathy Griffin, I'm looking at you). It makes it seem like gay dudes are just there to be collected like magical elf men who will give you a fab hair style and pick out a fierce outfit. Which can happen, but it can also not happen. I know plenty of gay people who suck at styling, and I know plenty of straight people who have a knack for it. Yet, the way the media portrays it, one would think that fashion expertise is a direct side effect from having man on man relations. By sectioning off your friends with such a wide stroke title, implies you view them differently then your other friends... which is... kinda homophobic.

I'm lucky enough to have friends across all gender, race, and sexual preference lines... but to me they're all the same... cause they're my friends plain and simple.

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