Monday, April 11, 2011


My friend and awesome thinker Stephanie shared this with me:


  1. the crazy has just changed

    so let's remake the wheel of social sciences
    every generation
    screw what came before
    the 40s had war and nukes and motion pictures
    the 50s had marshall plan plastics and baseball
    the 60s had beats jazz and assassinations
    the 70s had free love drugs and rock and roll
    the 80s had new wave generation hair bands
    the 90s had the internet and raves pills and bills
    the 00s had recycling

    and they all of course had war
    constant war

    you know this doesn't really happen
    in the material or physical sciences
    i mean
    once they figure out how to make something
    work really well
    they tend to stick with it
    maybe some minor tweaks
    to the shape of a wing
    or compression ratios in an engine
    stress loads of cables so a bridge doesn't fall down

    but for some reason people think that
    society can just be constantly fucked with
    and that all the waste and pain and bloodshed
    is quid pro quo
    most of what comes out of their mouthholes
    is entirely ignorant of what came before
    just throw em in the pool
    sink or swim

    activists say how come we can figure out
    how to get to the moon
    but we can't solve peace or poverty

    well i would bet that both
    wernher von braun and sergei korolev
    would have something to say about that
    they had seen monsters of men
    while reaching for the heavens

    that's enough out of you
    just stick to what you're good at
    buy more

  2. This Guy needs to get his own blog. I hear they are free....

  3. and Tamar obviously wins the internetz

  4. Please ladies, there is enough internet for everyone =)

    Unfortunately, I suffer from a strange disability where I'm unable to write unless inspired by a specific type of muse. Call it the literary version of a bass player.

    The fact is, we still have slaves. Just now they work in factories in China, Korea, India, etc... We don't seem them face-to-face every day, so outta sight, outta mind.