Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nnekay Goes to A Chocolate Festival

My boyfriend has one of those giant command center type office chairs perched at his giant command center desk. It black, has arm rests, and a wonderful padded high back. Not to mention it spins. Something you would expect some high executive to make power phone calls from. Or at least a super villain to recline in while petting the obligatory white poofy cat. Instead, the poor command chair is desecrated almost every Saturday morning as I flop my chonie covered butt in it to spin around, and fiddle on the internet.

During one of these occasions I stumbled upon one of those in vogue internet coupons for a Chocolate Festival. Normally, I usually scoff at the "saving" these coupons provide- oooo 2000 bucks for a island getaway. But this was a CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL.

ahem... CHOCOLATE.

I personally am not the biggest fan of chocolate, but when attached to FESTIVAL. My heart lights up. I imagine pin wheels of chocolate, chocolate dance parties, chocolate bumper cars, basically a chocolate-y good time of fun-o-rama. Not to mention my boyfriend shares my passion for sweets with a higher attention to chocolate than I do. So I declared we would go to said chocolate festival.

There were no chocolate dance parties, no chocolate bumper cars.... just pushy old ladies. Pushy old ladies demanding samples, in those annoying hot pink Drugstore reading glasses- cause you know they're so 'fun' and 'wacky'.


It was still a chocolate-y good time, though! The BF and I bounced from table to table sampling all the variety of random chocolates from all the various chocolatiers the Bay Area has to offer. Grunting hardly intelligible things to each other like: "yea I liked that one," "ew what was that?" and more often than not "I don't even know, anymore..."

The venders looked miserable.... peddling their wares for the massed of wacky bespectacled festival goers, us, and the random freaks that pop up at things like this (hmmm chocolate festival, I think I'll pull out my best Casual Leather Daddy Look for this event). Of course, there were the venders with some sort of cutesy shtick that almost out shined their chocolate. As we passed one table The BF, turned to me and said, "I didn't know the Four Non-Blondes made chocolate" I turned to my right and there standing behind a red velvet booth, was a elfish man with dreadlocks grassing his butthole, top hat, and goggles. His booth partner completed the look with a fur lined vest, guy-liner, and frosted tips. We decided not to try their gypsy carnival candy.

After about 40 minutes, I didn't have a clue what the hell I was tasting. It was definitely worth it, but I have no idea how Cathy does it.

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