Monday, April 11, 2011

Thumb twiddler

I've just spent the last couple hours dicking around on the internet.

If this were 1982, would I have managed to put away my laundry instead of leaving neatly piled land bombs of t-shirts and chonies around my room? Or would I have ended up playing Atari...

If this were 1975, would I have washed my dishes, dried them, and place them in my olive green cabinet? Or would I have been distracted by some Donna Summer's record?

If this were 1947, would I have ironed my a-line skirt, and hung my stocking out to dry? Or perhaps, would I have been tempted by procrastination in the form radio surfing?

If this were 1835, would I have milked the cow, or prefer to waste my time playing with dirt (I dunno, times were rough...)

I like to believe procrastination has stayed the same, we've just found fancier ways to do it.

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